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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find answers to your questions below, then please contact us and we'll get back to you.


You say you are giving 100% of your profit to Africa New Life Ministries (ANLM) and other organizations in Mexico and US. How can you do this and how will I know part of my purchase will go to support this cause?

Suzette can give 100% of the profits because her income doesn't come from Love 41, it comes from Saddleback Leather Company which she and her husband Dave own. They decided to put their own money into Love 41 to get it started because they felt it was a good investment into the lives of people in need. ANLM was chosen for several reasons but a biggest one is because they are TOTALLY financially accountable. You can find them on the list at The ECFA is an independent organization that audits non-profits such as ANLM. ANLM's financial books are wide open which allow Dave and Suzette to know where every penny goes. Suzette and her family go to Africa and they do hands-on work about 2-3 times a year and you can see some of their pictures on Facebook, Saddleback Leather and Love 41's website.

Are you a non profit organization or for profit?

At this time, we've decided to not pursue a not for profit status for Love 41. Why? Based on the current US tax code, we wouldn't be able to qualify for nonprofit status as we currently operate. We're definitely a for-profit business, but we operate with a nonprofit mindset. We donate all of our net profit to charitable organizations. We think there are many nonprofits out there doing amazing work and we want to be able to support them financially through Love41. We all have a unique part in helping others and we feel called to help in this way. Thanks for helping us love on widows, orphans and street kids.

What is your return policy?

We want you to love your products. If you don't love them, then simply send them back in new condition within 30 days for a full refund. Just contact us at

What kind of warranty do you have on your products?

Love 41 leather is built for durability and satisfaction. In fact, we believe in our craftsmen, our materials and our designs so strongly that we give a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for 41 years. This warranty applies to product materials and construction under responsible use. If your product doesn't live up to what we said it would, then contact us, we want to ensure you are satisfied with your product. With normal use your bag will get scratches and scuffs. this is normal and just shows the character and personality of your bag, this is not a defect. Unfortunately, we can not offer the 41 year warranty on our leather jewelry or on any magnetic closures. The color of our leather products will vary some due to different hides. Please know that Leather will stretch. It is a natural reaction to leather when used to stretch. The more use and the more pressure or weight on leather causes it to stretch. This is not a defect. If the leather stretches to the point of breaking or ripping we are happy to repair or replace. Please expect stretching to occur in our full grain leather especially if it is unlined.

Shipping and Payment

When will I get my purchased items?

Your order will ship out the door within 2-4 business days after you've paid. How long it takes from there depends on which method of shipping you chose and how close you are to Texas. In Texas, UPS Ground usually makes it to you within a day or 2 after it ships. New York, Miami and Seattle are usually 4-5 days. Outside the United States is usually 4-6 business days to get to your country; then hopefully no more than 2-3 days in customs, but that's up to your country's customs officials. We ship by UPS Worldwide Expedited for most international locations, but you have the option of selecting USPS if you prefer.

Our New Website

Can I buy products from both Saddleback Leather & Love 41?

Yes, you can add any products, that are in-stock, from Saddleback & Love 41 to your cart and checkout.

Are Saddleback Leather & Love 41 the same company now?

No, they are two completely separate companies that share the same message of loving people around the world.

Do I need to create a new Account if I have purchased from Love 41 before?

Yes, you will need to create a new account. All previous, current & new Love 41 customers will have to create a new account.

What if I need a record of my past Love 41 purchases?

A Customer Service Guru can access this information and email it to you in a PDF.

Can I use my Saddleback Leather Gift Certificate to purchase Love 41 items?

Yes, you can also use a Love 41 Gift Certificate to purchase Saddleback Leather products. They’re interchangeable now.

Why didn’t you do this sooner?

Hey, good things come to those who wait! Rome wasn’t built in a day. Any other cliches about waiting…..

Where can I see Love 41 products in person?

Currently we have our showroom where you can come in and look at the products in person. Please refer to our store hours for days and times open.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If it hasn’t already gone to a fulfilled status then we might be able to change or cancel. Please contact us here or give us a call at (210) 858-5210 and we’ll see what can be done.

Can I pay using Paypal or a money order?

We accept Paypal, Amazon pay, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. If you don’t have one of these major debit/credit cards there’s still a way to make a purchase. Simply go to a local grocery store and purchase a gift card from one of the above major card companies. Activate and register it with the card company and then you can use the gift card to make payment on our website.

How does your monogramming work?

We are excited to offer monogramming on most of our products. Our monogramming style is slightly different than Saddlebacks. We will have a more feminine style of monogramming. 

Military & First Responder Discount

Do you offer military discounts?

We give Military (Active/Retired/Veteran) and First Responders (Police/Fire/EMT) a 10% discount as a small way of saying thank you for our safety and protection. It’s done through a 3rd party verification site called VerifyPass. To learn about VerifyPass, check them out here.

How do I get the discount?

Once your cart is full, proceed to checkout. Have your ID handy and click on the “Military or First Responder” button. You’ll be taken to the site for a quick and straight-forward identification process. You can sign-in there if you already have an account or go through the quick steps of setting up a new account. Once verified, you’ll be back at your Love 41 cart to finish checking out.

Can I call in to get this discount?

Sorry, but no. For integrity and security purposes, our customer service folks will not be able to apply this for you.

Can I get the 10% OFF anything and everything?

Suzette’s Steals, Gift Certificates and other sale items or promotions are excluded. Thanks for understanding.

What if i’m buying Love 41 and Saddleback pieces at the same time?

That works great. Load up your cart and the 10% discount works for Saddleback pieces too. Just not on Dave’s Deals, Gift Certificates and other sale items or promotions.

What if i have issues getting into the account?

Questions will need to be directed to at 866-688-5772 or you can click here.