Leather Drawstring Backpack

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Hi, this is Cross Munson, Dad's son. I'm 10 years old and I've always wanted a leather backpack that was lightweight because Dad's backpacks are too heavy for kids. So, I asked Dad if I could design a leather backpack that was really strong, but lightweight and he told me I could if I drew it out. So I did. I drew him about 20 different leather backpacks and bags that I was imagining. So Dad took me down to Mexico and had me start designing one with a prototype person at the factory. I learned from my dad and designed all of the backpacks myself. My older sister and mom love to use them and so I guess you will too. They're very comfortable and don't have anything on them that will break. 

Product Details
10-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
13.25" x 17.00" x 0.50"
Weight: 0.80 lbs


(6 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Simple Design High Quality Bag

    I bought this bag for transporting large format wine bottles to be opened at a restaurant so I wouldn't have to just walk in carrying a big bottle free hand. I used it to take a 3 Liter bottle to dinner and it looked and worked great! Pretty sure this was not what it was designed for but I plan to use it many times in the future for the same thing. I would to see Saddleback design some items with wine in mind, would be awesome to see a six bottle leather transport bag in the future! I would buy it!

  • 2
    Needs redesign

    I wanted to love this but the drawstring can’t close, or even come close, not even with two adults trying. I hear that eventually it may soften but unfortunately a bag that closes is needed day one, I hope it’s redesigned soon.

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    Love this beauty!

    This backpack is so dang cute, and it's just as comfortable. It was stiff when I got it but after having my son open and close it a bunch of times while we talked, now it's nice and loose and easy to close completely. This bag is for minimal days when you want to be hands free. I love wearing this and almost forget it's there, except when I need something, or I get a compliment on it! It's fabulous! You will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    excellent product

    excellent product

  • 5
    So, so soft!

    My husband picked it up to just move it off a chair and commented that is was such buttery soft leather.
    It holds a lot more than you’d think!

  • 4
    Leather Drawstring Backpack

    This backpack is a great size! It will hold a lot of gear and the large interior divider is a plus!
    My only problem with it is, the drawstrings are so thick that you can’t close it. It does not even come even close to closing.