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The Love 41 Mini Leather Backpack is made from full-grain and the interior is lined with pigskin, which is tougher than the cowskin. This women's backpack is both beautiful and durable. Like with the gorillas in front of Suzette in Central Africa with this backpack in the picture below.
small leather women's backpack with a gorilla in front of the lady

Leather- Imagine you paid for someone to put a new roof on your home and they didn't put shingles on it and then it leaked and fell apart quickl. Would you be alright with that? Well, leather is kind of like a roof. The tough top layer is called grain on it is like the shingles on a roof. They both are strong and very protective compared to the rest of the roof or hide. Sadly, some designers make leather backpacks with cheap leather that doesn't have any grain on it. The thick leather hide was split in half at the tannery and the expensive top half with the full amount of the grain on it (Full Grain) was sold to quality companies like us and the bottom half was sold to questionable women's leather backpack companies who sell to people who don't understand quality. The split away part, with no grain, is technically called Genuine, Split leather. Leather backpacks made full grain are expensive and long lasting.
Leather Women's backpack that is on a woman with a red dress in Africa

This leather backpack is small, but it packs a punch of functionality. It's ideal for carrying your everyday necessities and has one interior and one zippered exterior pocket. In fact, I went gorilla trekking this past summer and chose to take this leather backpack with me over all others. The new version now has "D" rings at the top to secure the backpack straps. 

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H)
9" x 11" x 3.50"
Interior Pocket: 8" (W)
Exterior Pocket: 7" x 4.50" x 0.50"
Adjustable Backpack Straps: 26"-32" x 1.50" (L x W)
Weight: 2 lbs


(36 reviews) Write a Review

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    Lovely leather piece. Our third

    Lovely leather piece. Our third from Saddleback.

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    The BEST EDC backpack for a non-minimalist

    I just received my Mini Backpack in chestnut and think it is the BEST everyday carry option for a non-minimalist who likes being hands free. The size is perfect for carrying your essentials plus some while feeling organized. The chestnut leather is gorgeous. The only two additions I'd recommend to make it even better would be to add a full panel back pocket on the exterior (like the Mini Mini BP) and a key leash/clip in the main compartment. The "hidden" pocket is a genius design element and I tend to use it for my phone. The quality of leather, craftmanship, and design of this "little" backpack are top-notch and I highly recommend it. Thank you, Suzette and Tina, for a stellar, practical solution for hands-free everyday use!

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    The mini backpack in DCB is actually my first Love 41 purchase and certainly won't be my last. This little bag holds more than you think. All of my essentials fit with ease. I am having a blast taking this on little weekend adventures.

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    It’s the Real Deal!

    I purchased this mini backpack for my wife and she LOVED it. The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship is incredible. I’m starting to save because I want to purchase a satchel or briefcase for myself :)

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    Impeccable quality the craftsmanship was

    Impeccable quality the craftsmanship was great!! got this for my wife for Christmas she loves it!! Definitely will purchase more products

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    Just buy it.

    My wife has many other leather bags by a company I’ll call D N B which she enjoys. However when she received this bag for Valentine’s Day this year it became her favorite. From the packaging to the bag everything was well worth the money. If you wondering if the bag is worth it stop and just buy it. Well worth it and then some.
    Central Texas

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    Delighted with this Mini Backpack!

    The only thing mini about this backpack is its size, and like the Tardis, it's bigger on the inside! :) I was surprised and delighted to see that it's tall enough to fit my My Lochby Field Journal (A5 journal cover), so I can pack more than just the essentials. The inner pocket, zipper pocket, and hidden pocket are all easy to get in and out of, and so practical. The straps are easy to adjust and comfortable. My Tobacco (purchased in Dec. 2020) is also velvety soft. I love this thing! Well done!

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    This backpack is the perfect size for me. I can fit a big wallet and a few pouches inside with room to spare. I love that I can leave the small outside zipper pocket open to stash my phone quickly. And the slip "secret" pocket between the main bag and outside pocket are perfect for all my receipts and lists that I always have floating around. I love to clip my keys to one of the backpack strap rings (with my love41 tassel!) so my keys are easily accessible without having to remove the backpack. I was so amazed with the comfort of this bag without having a regular purse digging into my shoulder. I'm a total convert for backpacks now. This *could be* my most favorite Love41 bag ever ...... or maybe until a new bag is released. ;)

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    Great size that has a place in every backpack lover's stash

    I bought mine at the second SBL/L41 reunion in May 2019 and really enjoyed using it. My ONLY complaint was that it wouldn't fit my iPad Pro. I actually sold it when the City came out in different colors since it does fit an iPad Pro. But a year later my old mini backpack found its way back to me and I'm so glad it did, since I now have an iPad mini as well and that fits in the mini backpack interior pocket perfectly.

    There is definitely a spot in the stash for this little cute bag, it's the lightest and most comfortable backpack I have, and it still holds quite a bit. When I found Saddleback in early 2007 I was of the "one bag to rule them all" philosophy, but with so many great offerings from SBL and L41 now I just need to accept that yes, I deserve bags to suit different occasions. And so do you! Buy this bag.