Little Big Mouth Leather Backpack

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The leather backpack was over-engineered with the toughest cow leather because none of the top layer of grain has been removed (full grain) and was designed with no breakable parts like magnets, zippers, buttons or snaps. Any place that gets tension or stress is reinforced with rivets or with hidden polyester strapping. Leather naturally stretches and those straps don’t. Seams are where tears always begin, so we used the biggest pieces of leather we could, to reduce the amount of seams where pieces are sewn together. FYI, a backpack made with a lot of pieces sewn together saves leather in the cutting process, but weakens the backpack. To see what I mean, watch our fun explanation video, watch here. And those seams only have 5 stitches per inch, which means there is more leather between each needle hole. Any hole, regardless of how small, is really just the beginning of a tear in a leather backpack. This backpack is designed to be broken in by you, but used by a few more generations after you. You’re planting a tree for those after you to enjoy the shade of. And you’re only able to do that if we over-engineer this leather backpack the way we did.

Our cow leather is called full grain because none of the grain has been removed from the hide. It is fully there. Read our easy explanation of full grain vs top grain here. The grain of the leather is the toughest tightest densest part of the hide and because it’s mineral tanned with Chromium (Cr), it thrives on neglect. The grain on a hide is like the shingles on a roof. If you take off the top part of the leather (grain) to get rid of the scars, like most companies do, then that's like taking the shingles off of the roof. No good. And then we line the inside of the cow leather with pig leather, which is stronger than the cow leather. Chrome tanned leather is super corrosion resistant, so your backpack will laugh at the rain, extreme heat and will just plain thrive on neglect. To read a simple explanation written for kids to understand leather, read here. 

Our hardware is made of 316 Stainless Steel. If you’re a metallurgist then I'm sure you just gasped and then a tear formed in your eye. There are different grades of stainless steel and this is the toughest. It's the metal you want to have with you if your life depends on it. 

And I would be remiss to not mention our thread. What they use for making sails for ships. It’s the toughest thread we could find. It’s a UV resistant industrial marine-grade Polyester thread. Nylon thread deteriorates with heat and when the sun hits it, but ours doesn’t. Polyester is good and bad. The good part is that it lasts forever. The bad part is that it lasts forever. It’s really good for you if it’s in the form of thread. It’s really really bad for you if it’s in the form of bed sheets or underwear. Super bad. To read our eye opening explanation of Polyester, click here. But with all of this, we can’t imagine there could be a leather backpack that could last longer than this one.

There aren’t a lot of coolness features to this leather backpack like James Bond would have. It kind of just has one great one. The Gladstone Bag metal frame opening. It stays wide open until you shut it. You can put long things into it that stick out while you’re walking, keep it wide open on the floor next to your chair or wide open laying flat next to you on the table. The interior of the bag has two simple pockets. It wasn’t designed for hiking the Appalachian Trail, but it does fit all 13” MacBook Pro laptops and what you’ll need for the day.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
Will Fit: 13" MacBook Pro and smaller laptops, all iPads, and Small Portfolio.
Won't Fit: Medium Portfolio or Large Portfolio

Dimensions (W x H x D)
10.62" x 14" x 6.25"
Weight: 4 lbs

A Going To Sleep Story About Sleeping, For The Kids
I’ve had a lot of bad night sleeps in my life, but I’ve had some really good ones too. I had a really bad night’s sleep on a mat in the sands of the Sahara next to my camel. I’ve slept like a baby with a smile on my face next to my beautiful wife many times. And I once slept nervously with one eye open next to a hitman sent to kill me. But the safest I ever slept was always next to my faithful dog, Blue. Like this backpack, he was faithful and had my back covered. 

One time, I parked my old VW Westfalia Camper Bus in a remote place down along the Rio Grande on the west side of a small mountain range and far from any paved road. Free Tip: Sleeping in the car in the summer, you always want to be on the shadow side of things so the rising sun doesn’t turn your car into a sauna at daybreak. So, I parked, let Blue out to mark the area as ours and made my bed for the night.

It wasn’t long before I heard Blue growling, followed by a few strong hard barks. A minute later, he hopped up past me into the bus as I sat in the open side door with my feet on the ground. The fur was raised on the back of his neck as he looked out the door to the right and let out another deep low growl and a bark. I asked Blue what was wrong and then kept on about my business, But Blue’s growling and uneasiness grew stronger over the next few minutes. I looked down the river and towards the trees into the darkness but saw nothing. And then the thought came into my head. Blue had always been fearless and it wasn’t like him to shy away from something interesting in the dark. But he had come back to warn me to get us out of there. Never had I seen him act that way before. And if you would have seen how fast I closed things up, you would have said the same thing about me. 

You know how when you turn the light off and then jump into bed, sometimes you kind of pull your feet up quickly so a big furry hand with long claws won’t reach out from under the bed and grab your ankle? Well, as we drove off, I imagined a wild-eyed, axe-wielding madman running furiously behind us, kind of gimpy, just inches away from grabbing the bus. Not too likely, but in that situation, much more likely than the monster under the bed.

When we woke up in the morning on the west side of a boulder out in the desert, it wasn’t anything scenic or beautiful like it would have been on the river. And there wasn’t a place to throw my line in either. But bad breath is better than no breath when it comes to life in general. And particularly when it comes to sleep. My dog Blue had my back and this backpack will have yours. It may not save your life, but think about it this way. In the rarest of chances that you or one of your descendants gets into a situation where whether or not you live or die depends on whether or not your backpack is still whole and strong, you’ll want your life to depend on this backpack.


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    I carry more than one camera and half a dozen lenses and all the usual gadgets photographers like. This bag is absolutely perfect. (And I have many that are not.) The opening makes it so easy to find things and it has the capacity for me to add more gadgets. And I really love the back pack feature.

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    Great quality versatile bag.

    Great quality versatile bag.

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  • 5
    Probably the best bag I

    Probably the best bag I have ever purchased from Saddleback and I have purchased quite a few over the years. It is easy to get stuff in and out, looks great, durable as hell and gets a lot of compliments. It is the perfect everyday bag for business, travel or the beach!

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    Little Big Mouth Leather Backpack

    This bag is "Awesome"! It's unique design stands out and gets attention! I Love It and everything Saddleback Leather!! Amazing Products and Company!!!

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    Holy COW!

    Or should I say pig? I bought this backpack at the same time as buying another backpack from another company and I have to say, the style and quality of Saddleback’s bag far exceeds that of the other company. The other bag has a beautiful look to it (they use something called Crazy Horse Leather), but it’s stiff and I’m now side-eyeing the zippers and magnetic flaps like they’re about to break on me. When I looked at it longer, it didn’t look as cool as before.

    By contrast, the more I look at the Little Big Mouth by Saddleback, the more I love and admire it! It’s a beautiful color (I got the reddish one), the design is sleek, the construction is top notch.

    The shoulder pads are a little stiff and clunky, although I saw a review that said you have to be patient in breaking it in. I’ve already bent it to the shape I need it to be but for now, I’m using the bag without the pads until I go on a more serious hike. I’ve only taken it around town but I can’t wait to do some more serious adventures with it.

    These bags aren’t cheap but man, when you own it for a while, you start to see the difference! It’s so worth it. I’m trying not to get everything on my Saddleback wishlist right NOW!

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    My grandchildren will fight for these.

    I purchased the big back pack 5 or so years ago, it has been all over the world now and everyone comments on it. I purchase the little big mouth for my wife, she love it and once again we get nothing but wonderment by all who comment.

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    I had been waiting for

    I had been waiting for this to be available since Dave had been teasing us that he was testing it first before he gives the the green light. This was my birthday gift to myself and I loved it. It’s’ not big , it has style and functionality. Highly recommended.

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    Bought this for my daughter.

    Bought this for my daughter. She loves it. She’s now joined the cult of Saddleback!