Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack

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leather backpack with woman in the snow
This is the 2nd edition of the Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack with a few changes that I think you'll love. The original backpack was everyone's favorite and we rarely got a complaint, but I made some slight changes that may be overkill, but they're more consistent with our lowest possible seam-feet approach to design. The backpack is still built without breakable parts like zippers, magnets, velcro or snaps and is still reinforced at all stress points with hidden polyester straps and strong rivets. The body of the leather backpack is still only built with two big solid pieces of leather, but now all three front pockets of the backpack are all made of just one solid piece of leather. You see, the fewer seams a leather backpack has, the fewer seams there are to start a rip. And not only that, but we only allow 5 stitches per inch of our seams so there is more leather between holes and therefore fewer holes to start a tear. I once interviewed a second-generation sailmaker in New Zealand and he referred to a sewing machine as a perforation machine and said the fewer holes, the stronger the sail. That stuck with me. It's the same with this leather backpack.

leather backpack on man with cow in mountains

This leather backpack is made completely of full-grain leather, which is the strongest and most water-resistant leather there is. And it's a little thicker than boot leather. And then we lined the leather backpack with heavy-duty pigskin, which is stronger than cow skin. Our thread is an expensive German industrial grade polyester thread that is typically used for sewing sails on ships and quality boots because of its strength and resistance to deterioration from the sun. Our custom 316 Stainless Steel is not your regular Stainless Steel. It’s the metal of choice when your life depends on it. In fact, our clasps are rated to hold up to a 750 lb. bag of cats over a cliff without breaking. There’s no other leather backpack like this.

The Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack has three exterior pockets that have a hidden pocket behind them for quick access or for sticking in longer things. The main backpack strap has a hole at the very tip just in case your bag is way, way overstuffed. The shoulder straps have an adjustable and comfortable shoulder pad to distribute the backpack's weight.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
Fits a 15" MacBook Pro
The Interior photo shows both a 2019 13" MacBook Pro and a 2019 15" MacBook Pro.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
Interior: 12" x 16" x 4.50"
Weight: 4 lbs

No Regrets in Slovenia Bedtime Story from Uncle Dave

Back in 2005, I was spending a little time in Slovenia and kept hearing of a little hike I needed to take along the Radovna River, about an hour away from Ljubljana. So I grabbed my leather backpack and headed to Vintgar Gorge. I started down the trail and couldn’t believe that such a place even existed. It was stunning and one of the most beautiful hikes I had ever been on. And that's high praise coming from a curious man raised in Oregon.

Coming out of the gorge, I ended up walking around Lake Bled and rowing a cool wooden rowboat out to The Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary on the island out in the middle. Of course, it was raining on my head and on my leather backpack almost the entire 4 hours. Good thing it was thick and made of full-grain leather so none of my gear inside got wet.

I’ve done quite a few things in this short life that I regret, but that hike was not counted among them. No one ever regretted doing a good thing, Spending too much time in nature or owning a quality thing or spending too much time with loved ones are all good things. Imagine someone on their deathbed saying, “Man, I really regret sponsoring that little kid to go to school in Rwanda 40 years ago?” Or “I sure do regret taking time out of my busy schedule to go hiking that one time?” Or, “Why in the world did I decide to be the most humble and mature one in my family to make things right with them?” This one is perhaps the last regret you’ll hear on a deathbed. “Hey grandkids, gather around. You know that old worn in and weathered leather backpack next to this deathbed? I just wanted y’all to know that I really regret buying it 60 years ago.” I don’t think so. No one ever regretted doing a good thing.

Like I said earlier. I’ve done a lot of things in this life that I regret, but some of my biggest regrets are things that I didn’t do. Not all big things. For example, I was in North Africa once, on the edge of the Sahara, and didn’t buy a pair of leather sandals and a leather satchel that I had found in the medina. My leather suitcase was already full and I didn’t want to lash them to my leather backpack, so I walked away and regret it to this day. We all do things we regret and we always will, because we’re humans. But it’s the good things that I want to encourage you to do. Live your life doing as many of those as you can. No one ever regretted doing a good thing.


(58 reviews) Write a Review

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    thin front pocket leather backpack

    perfect bag for my every need

  • 5

    I bought this bag for my husband. He has (and loves) a medium classic briefcase and I knew this bag would also go into the rotation for times he didn't want the side carry. Long story short, I love it so much that I rescinded the gift and claimed it for my own. Perfect size for a weekend getaway to the lake or conference/class attendance. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Thin good

    Watched a youtube video that showed the dimensions of this on a height and I ordered. Came to HK in 4 days! Such great service

    Quite soft leather out of the box...makes this bag nice and light....tobacco is splendid....cannot wait to load it up and.move around town with it!

  • 5
    Great backpack. Manly, Love the

    Great backpack. Manly, Love the leather smell, Its tough, Made like a high quality saddle, and I get lots of complements!

  • 5

    Spectacular!!! That is the only way I can describe this item. My son had the nerve to ask for it when he went to college and the answer was a resounding "NO." However, when he made it into medical school, we felt like it was a just reward. He was completely thrilled with the gift and gets compliments on it everywhere he goes. As far as the quality is concerned, it is truly a singular item of the finest craftmanship. This will be something my son owns and uses for a lifetime. Thank you for helping us choose a very memorable gift for a milestone occasion. We utterly love this product.

  • 5
    Love this bar

    The bag is a classic. Super durable, straps are comfortable and pockets are just big enough. The bag’s weight is not too heavy if worn with both straps. You’ll have this bag for life .

  • 5
    My favorite bag so far!

    This is a great backpack that’s really well thought out. It’s built to last and looks amazing!

  • 5
    Great size. Seemingly great quality.

    Great size. Seemingly great quality. So far I love it

  • 5

    I am new to saddleback but I love their products. (Bought 6 in 6 months) You only live once people go for the best !!!