Dave's Deals Boot Leather iPhone 12 Case

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Product Overview

While there is no magnet in this case, it will still work with MagSafe and other wireless chargers.
Our fascinating 14 Million view video below shows how the craftsmanship make it and all that is required to build one of our leather iPhone cases. We went old school here. Each case is handmade and built with imperfections where they were handcut on the corners based on the judgment of the individual. The Japanese say that imperfect is perfect and call that philosophy Wabi Sabi. Of course, they don't go for that in Toyota. This leather iPhone case process took about one year to perfect and another two years to refine. We now have them the best they've ever been.
I boiled all of the most popular "Leather" iPhone cases in the video below to show you what they're really made of. A plastic case with a leather sticker on it. Would it be right or fair to mix 80% lard with 20% butter and sell it as Rich and Creamy Butter? 
Our leather iPhone case is the only 100% SOLID Leather iPhone Case for the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 that we know of. It is made with 100% full grain vegetable-tanned leather. Not top grain or genuine. We use the leather that has the FULL amount of grain for these iPhone cases. The natural lighter color will develop a beautiful, rich dark patina with age and use, specifically with sunlight.  

Check out my beautiful wife in the video below in Gabon, Central Africa, whale watching in the sun with her leather iPhone case just a couple of months after getting it in the natural leather color. If you don't feel like waiting to age your leather iPhone Case is, you can put some light oil on it like Olive or Baby Oil and then put it out in the sun or up in the dashboard. What I do to age my leather iphone case is, when no one is looking, I rub my leather iPhone case on the oilier parts of my face like next to my nose or along my forehead. Try it and see. Also, touching it, the oils on your hands should darken your leather iPhone case too. 

For 3 reasons, our solid leather iPhone case protects better than any other iPhone case you could buy. Because our leather is a little thicker than boot leather, it protects like no other. 

Thick leather absorbs- shocks way better than hard plastic does. You're going to drop your iPhone a few times no matter what. Let the leather of the iPhone case absorb the shock rather than the energy of the strike pass through a hard plastic case directly to your $1000 iPhone. 

Thick leather insulates- It's better than almost anything. On the insulation charts, leather doesn't insulate as well as styrofoam but better than wood. You don't have to worry about leaving your iPhone up in the direct sunlight of your dashboard to overheat because most of the heat does not pass through our leather iPhone cases. It's amazing how 

Thick leather takes the strike- The corner takes the scrape and keeps on going instead of like most other "leather" iPhone cases tearing the thin leather sticker to expose the cheap white plastic.


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